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SMS Gateway

An SMS gateway allows a computer to send or receive Short Message Service (SMS) transmissions to or from a telecommunications network. Most messages are eventually routed into the mobile phone networks. We provide a SMS gateway for businesses to send and receive SMS messages. Integrate with our HTTP/XML or SMPP interfaces to power your business-to-consumer (B2C) applications.

Promotional SMS V/S Transactional SMS

Promotional SMS: These are SMSes which are sent with the objective of promoting your product or service. This category includes any sales & marketing messages which may or may not be solicited by the recipient. Promotional SMSes can be send only from 9AM to 9PM and only to numbers that are not on the NDNC registry (DND numbers). As a thumb rule, SMSes that have offers, coupons etc can be considered as promotional content. We does not provide this Bulk SMS Service, but just Gateway.

Examples of Promotional SMSes:
  • Dear Subscriber, Now Get Flat 10% Off on Website (Basic Plan), Same has been updated on the site. Login now and avail the discount!
  • Dear %s, Our team wishes you a very Happy and Prosperous %s. Visit our site to get discounts on our products for this festive.


Transactional SMS: These are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for using your product or service. Transactional SMS Gateway Allocated only to: Registered Companies, Registered Banks & Financial Institution, Insurance Company, Credit Card Companies, Registered Education Instituted (Only for sending information to parents), Airlines & Railway (Only for sending ticket & PNR details to passengers), Stock Market Alerts (Only to subscribed customers), E-Commerce website sending response to E-commerce transactions made by their customers. Transactional SMS Routes basically you can used for sending critical alert and informational messages with your own sender ID as XY-ABCDEF. This service is available for only our customers.

Examples of Transactional SMSes:
  • Your order no %d has been shipped. You will receive this order by %s. Thanks for using our services.
  • Thanks for participating in our campaign of SWACHCHA BHARAT. Your enrollment id is %d.

Features of SMS Gateway

  • Free API: An API (Application Programming Interface) is a source code based application combined with software components and are meant to be use for communication purpose. API provides you best solutions and with API you would be able to get a professional, customer responsive approach which is cost effective and practical.
  • Buy SMS Credits: Cool Software Solution produce best service for you and offer you real high priority "Buy SMS Credits" service which allow you to purchase credits and you will be able to send Messages in all over India. Each credit will let you send one text message. A Small per SMS cost is all that which you will pay to purchase SMS credits. It’s our promise that there is no Hidden Charges for Software, Setup, API or Sender ID.
  • Delivery Report: Why it’s so important to know about SMS delivery report? It’s very useful feature for you because you really wish to know that either your message reaches its required destination or not and after making it sure you have peace of mind. It’s very important in business also when your customer claim to you that they didn’t receive information what you have sent. So in such type of situations Delivery report is a proof and evidence for you. This feature informs you that message has been received.
  • Your Own Sender ID: You can set the sender ID of your choice by adding it in your account and once approved you can use it to send SMS. Alphanumeric Sender ID are allowed only if you submit relevant supporting documents(Trademark, brand, registration, company registration) and undertaking on your letterhead. Sender ID is a combination of numeric and alpha or only alpha characters (0-9, a-z, A-Z, _). It's dynamically setup by the user. Maximum length of alphanumeric SMS Sender ID is 6 characters.
  • Dynamic Sender ID: Cool Software Solution provide dynamic sender id controls whereby the originator of the SMS can be identified in either alpha or numeric characters to a set value. The recipient of the message then can clearly define its validity, promoting effective utilization of SMS as a method of communication and marketing. Sender ID, also known as Originating Address (OA), is the number or name that is displayed on the recipient's mobile phone when a SMS is received.
  • Buy Keywords: If you are running a business, its best option for you, because this feature allows you to purchase a SMS keyword and because of it you can do mobile advertising, promotion, SMS advertising, promotion at very low cost. Its an excellent way to increase your brand awareness. Key words help you to promote your business in a very cost effective manner.
  • Unicode Support: Unicode allow you to use any language on your computer in all over the world. So by having this feature you wouldn’t face any problem related to language and you may have access on any language within a matter of seconds.